About AYAT Motors

AYAT Motors is a AYN Group Subsidiaries organisation. It is a leading global Electronics Bike, Car And Busess manufacturing company. Its diverse portfolio includes an extensive range of Bike ,cars, sports utility vehicles, , buses and buses . AYAT Motors is one of India's largest OEMs offering an extensive range of integrated, smart and e-mobility solutions

packaged for power performances and user comfort at the lowest life-cycle costs. Our new passenger cars and utility vehicles are based on Impact Design and offer a superior blend of performance, driveability and connectivity. Our focus on connecting aspirations and our pipeline of tech- enabled products keeps us at the forefront of the market. We have identified six key mobility drivers that will lead us into the future – modular architecture, complexity reduction in manufacturing, connected & autonomous vehicles, clean drivelines, shared mobility, and low total cost of ownership. Our sub-brand Electronics Scooter , Bike, Car And Buses is an incubating centre of innovation that will spark new mobility solutions through new technologies, business models and partnerships. Our mission - across our globally dispersed organisation – is to be passionate in anticipating and providing the best vehicles and experiences that excite our global customers.

Our Innovation

The AYAT Motors Limited is Start For Manufacturing of Electronics Vehicle is a deep understanding of economic stimuli and customer needs, and the ability to translate them into customer-desired offerings through cutting-edge technologies.

About Us

AYAT Motors is an Indian electric bike manufacturing company that was set up in 2015 with a crucial to make a bike that can help people to build a better and pollution-free future.

Each AYAT Motors product experiences stringent strength and unwavering quality tests, so the buyers get a total package of value, comfort, style, and eco-friendliness. Our technicians work in a world-class manufacturing plant to construct machines equipped for leaving an imprint. The processing plant offices are under check each minute to guarantee that technology and the compelling force of nature work together.

We accept that our business isn't just about building an unwavering client base, yet additionally about building a superior, cleaner and greener future for the ages to come. As a driven player in India's developing E-bike showcase, we wish to be the benchmarks of reasonable eco-accommodating technology


Driving India Ahead as the main producer of brilliant, vitality proficient Two-Wheeler.

To make India, the main producer, and exporter of eco-accommodating bikes and contribute towards the general public with totally zero-emission vehicles. We are constant during the time spent growing new advances that defeat the day by day difficulties and address our client's issues keeping them on a need. We additionally intend to accomplish the top tier technology and achieve clients' trust by placing in steady endeavors through absolute difficult work and group arranging.


Making "AYAT Motors" equivalent to a new generation and smart bike technology.

As it is said you can't pass judgment flippantly, so here we keep every one of the things sufficiently straightforward to accomplish your trust. The brief that appears to pass by rapidly, particularly in a quick-paced condition we attempt to turn out to be better with developing methods. To be the No. 1 electric bike company by acquainting the world with the best of electric car technology. Also, to set up AYAT Motors as a confided in the brand by conveying intelligent, stylish, convenient and energy-efficient transportations that moves the riders to live fullest.