Our Markets

With manufacturing operations in the UK, South Korea, Thailand, South Africa, Indonesia, Austria and Slovakia, our international footprint has expanded through joint ventures like the strategic alliance with Fiat and Brazil-based Marcopolo.


AYAT marked vehicles utilizing internationally, AYAT Motors is among the select organizations in the business to offer a broad portfolio to its customers. We have extended our universal impression through fares. AYAT Motors offers a wide range of vehicles that are tweaked for neighborhood conditions and satisfy the most elevated needs for quality, security, condition standards, and client comfort. With tremendous worldwide experience, the company brings a profound comprehension of client desires from different markets and is well-situated to take into account regularly changing automobile standards and purchaser slants over the globe. We are focused on making pollution-free vehicles for the individuals with the goal that nature doesn't endure, as environmental change is as of now even from a pessimistic standpoint state and in such conditions, it is imperative to make eco-friendly vehicles to keep our condition spotless and green. .